9/153 – I’ll put it in simple words: “Working Men Are Pissed”

party with me punker

Bodies stacking, hands shaking
Have you been there? I’ve been there!
I’ll put it in simple words: working men are PISSED

Timeless. You catch the vibe from the open with D’s hectic guitar before the rumble of the mighty Watt/Hurley rhythm.
Listen, I’m no music writer… I can’t bedazzle you with poetry about how awesome this song is or how when I hear it I must crank it up and hit repeat. Working Men Are Pissed!


This should land in the top 10 no question. Recorded in 1981 for a never released non-SST lp and ultimately released in 1984 on the compilation The Politics of Time.

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Here’s a smokin’ live version.

I’m going to listen to this song every day.