10/153 – “Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing”

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This one chugs along with a pretty straight forward rhythm. Stopping at the end of each verse for a lyrical punctuation: “I must look like a dork!”
And just before probably every Minutemen fans favorite D. Boon guitar solo: “If we heard mortar shells, we’d cuss more in our songs and cut down the guitar solos!” Wham!
Free-flowing lyrics from Mike Watt.
Politics vs Art?
Jabs at sloganeering punkers?
I don’t know. It’s shit from an old notebook. Killer tune.
Too bad Michael Jackson never recorded it. (Mike Watt did send it to him!)
From Double Nickels On The Dime


And live from Ballot Result


I’m going to slot this at number 12. Check out the current rankings here.